Il Cassero, Monte San Savino, Tuscany, April 13th

...from the Web of today to a Web in which machine reasoning will be ubiquitous and devastatingly powerful.
Semantic Web Road map,
Tim Berners-Lee, 1998





















The Gargonza Experiment

This experiment is a community theatre aimed to create a set of showcases for the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and the SPARQL Query Language for RDF. The initiative is open to anybody interested in the deployment of Semantic Web, development of Web and Internet standards and XML technologies. The experiment can be followed on our wiki, and on irc channel for scheduled meetings.

The main activities are:

  • Build application showcases as a testbed for SPARQL;
  • Discuss and prepare a platform for people interested to join the testbed;
  • Foster exchange of ideas and experiences between application developers, protocol/language developers and people involved in vocabulary creation and maintenance.

You are invited to join us with your RDF data or SPARQL applications!

(Be aware that because this is an open initiative, data and applications should be made available for the community to use, while respecting privacy and copyright. If content made available here is reused in papers, presentations or applications please mention "The Gargonza Experiment" - - and give proper credits for data and software.)

The people following the experiment currently are:

alberto, danbri, dave beckett,mortenf, libby, graham klyne, dirkx, matt, sergio,

If you are interested in joining, you can either point us to a FOAF description of yourself; or tell us your preferred email address. (Type your FOAF URL or your preferred foaf:mbox and click on "Join" and you will receive a confirmation by mail.)


(if your FOAF does not contain a valid foaf:mbox (i.e. foaf:mbox_sha1sum), you will simply be listed on this page as a member. A second submit to the form above with a valid foaf:mbox matching the FOAF foaf:mbox_sha1sum will allow then to join the mailing list.)

The experiment was named by the castle of Gargonza, a 13th century walled village in the hills above the town of Monte San Savino in Tuscany where we had the first face-to-face meeting in April 2005.

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